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Foot Zone Certification


Foot Zone Certification Class

Join us for an immersive journey into the healing art of foot zoning!

In this class, you'll discover the ancient practice of foot zoning, where the feet are mapped to correspond with different parts of the body.

Through guided instruction, learn how to apply gentle pressure to specific zones on the feet to promote

relaxation, balance energy flow, and support overall well-being.

Whether you're new to alternative healing methods or looking to deepen your understanding, this class offers

practical techniques and insights to enhance your health and vitality.

Come explore the powerful connection between the feet and overall health.

Each class is unique, tailored to honor and respect each individual who steps into the classroom.

We create a space where connections form on both personal and professional levels.

Together, we build a community—a safe haven where sharing your journey with others becomes natural.

Students form unique and lasting bonds, and becoming like family.

These are the people you will spend several months with, learning, sharing, and encouraging each other.

A lot can happen in a 9 month period, and some rewarding moments as a teacher come from

witnessing the transformations of our students.

Watching them step into their own power and discovering just how gifted and amazing they are.



We offer a few options to pay your tuition that can meet the needs of everyone.

The cost of tuition is $3600 plus $300 in book fees total $3900.

Here are a few options to cover your tuition:

1. Class by class payments = 9 x $450.

2. Tuition paid in full receives a $200 discount if paid for by class 2.

3. Refer someone to the class (if they enroll and they mention your name) you will receive $200. off

* Full tuition is due by graduation.

(It is possible to earn income from zoning while you are in school -Offering students a way they can earn their tuition along the way.

Details on his will be shared in the first class. )


After graduation students may to return to classes as many times as they want (at no cost). It is common for returning graduates to attend classes and pick up on things they might have missed the first time around. (You may pick and choose which classes to attend.)

*Any updates and information will be shared with you at no extra cost.

2024-25 cohort class schedule : 

October 11-12

November 8-9

December 13-14

January 10-11

February 7-8

March 7-8

April 11-12

May 9-10

June 13 

(Graduation on the 14th)

2025 cohort schedule: 

February 21-22

March 14-15

April 25-26

May 16-17

June 20-21

July 11-12

August 8-9

September 5-6

October 3-4

(Graduation on the 4th)

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