Beth Lindhardt 

Owner of EM Wellness & Spa

Life, Trauma, Strengths Coach and personal transformation coach.

Intuitive wellness advocate, and Energy Healer!

Foot Zone Practitioner (WDFZP)

Certified Reiki Master/Instructor (RMT)

Certified Sound Healing Practitioner (LCE)

Energy Healer course instructor

Foot Zone Certification instructor


When performing work on our clients, we are intentional to create a safe space for them to feel emotion, process memories, or simply receive the peace produced through the various healing treatments.

As the body holds on to past distressing experiences, we slowly form symptoms of physical illness, mental stress, and emotional turmoil. While countless people live with constant pain or inner distress, it’s possible to find healing and get in touch with the truest version of yourself with the services we offer here at

Evolution Mentoring Wellness & Spa

Find your peace, create your dream, and realize your potential! 

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Jackie Giles

Reiki Level 2 Practitioner


Massage Therapy Student

Meet Jackie a Certified Reiki level 2 practitioner - Jackie is intuitive and connected as she helps release trapped emotions and blocks.  

Jackie will also be our new full time massage therapist!  She is currently finishing up her schooling. I will be facilitating the healing of your body through a holistic approach.


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Wendy Komoroski

Breathwork instructor 

Meet Wendy, a compassionate trauma-informed breathwork facilitator dedicated to guiding personal growth and transformation. With a focus on unlocking the subconscious mind, Wendy helps individuals release what no longer serves them, manage stress and anxiety, and find peace.

As a self-proclaimed gratitude guru, Wendy integrates gratitude practices into her sessions, recognizing its transformative power. Beyond her role, she's a lover of lakes, experienced hiker and collector of amazing books. Wendy's biggest joy comes from being a proud mother of four amazing men, and a grandmother to six (almost seven) grandchildren.

Wendy's approach is a powerful blend of breathwork, mindfulness, and personalized care, creating a safe space for individuals to navigate their healing journey. With her warmth and genuine passion, Wendy is not just a facilitator but a guiding light on the path to self-discovery and well-being.

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Yoga Instructor 

Mikel Kissell

Introducing ,Mikel a certified yoga instructor.

Yoga is so much more than a physical practice. She believes it’s about connecting your mind, body and spirit.  She started my own yoga journey in hopes of finding a deeper connection with her true self.

She says: I" had no idea it would become such a huge part

of my life! I am so passionate about this practice and can’t wait to share my knowledge with others."  


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